Social networks management for sustainable territorial development and climate change adaptation

International Joint Master in Sustainable Territorial Development - STeDe. STeDe is a two-years Master Degree course training researchers and professionals to support organizations acting in the territory and to draft sustainable development policies for economic, social, environmental, international and intercultural management. Partner Universities are: University of Padua, KU Leuven University, Paris1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.

Author: Massimo De Marchi, University of Padua. See contributors page

During the first week of the STeDe programme a Kick Off Seminar is organised in a blended format involving students already in Padova and students online. The programme  includes three workshops on Social networks management for sustainable territorial development and climate change adaptation. Students learn and practice the basic tools to effectively manage social networks with a focus on Facebook and Instagram. First of all, students publish on the STeDe social networks brief posts in which they present themselves to their classmates and to the broader community, so as to shorten the distance between those who have already arrived in Padua and those who are still in their own country.

In addition, during the first semester students work in groups to manage the STeDe social networks preparing texts, videos and images to create effective communication on the issues of Sustainable Territorial Development and Climate Justice. Students can choose to work on case studies of their communities, on the topics developed at the master or presenting key topics of global importance. This has a twofold advantage: on the one hand, it allows students to learn important communication skills and, on the other hand, it allows the master's social channels to remain constantly updated and thus to be used as dissemination and promotion channels for the master itself.

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