As the name suggests, GO-DIJIP is a call to Action inviting Joint Programmes coordinators, managers, teachers and students to explore and share existing practices and innovative learning and teaching methodologies.

The project aims to develop a digitalized, innovative, collaborative and quality-oriented Higher Education, providing instruments to sustainably mainstream new forms of virtual teaching and learning.

More specifically, GO-DIJIP objectives are:

  • to share good practices and to map innovative instruments to mainstream new forms of virtual teaching into Joint Programmes through the On-line Collaborative Platform and Video Testimonials (Intellectual Output 1 and 2)
  • to develop digital competences of both educators and administrators, focusing on how to best develop and integrate virtual environments into Joint Programmes through the online staff training course (Intellectual Output 3)
  • to raise awareness among key stakeholders on the importance of virtual collaborative education in all its forms through the Handbook and the Policy Recommendations (Intellectual Output 4)

Additional information is available here.


GO-DIJIP project has been funded by the European Commission through its Erasmus+ Programme, under the “Key Action 226: Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness“ with a total budget of 209.725 €


GO-DIJIP total duration is 24 months, from 2021-04-15 to 2023-04-14.

Activities and Outputs

Intellectual Output 1 & 2: On-line Collaborative Platform & Video Testimonials

The On-line Collaborative Platform, implemented in cooperation with JPROVirtual project, is an open access, collaborative platform designed to expose and amplify sustainable practices of digital teaching, learning and assessment as well as intercultural and networking activities within Joint Programmes.
Video Testimonials will also be embedded in the platform to provide, in an immediate and "easy to use" format, tracks of pedagogical practices that can be transferred and adapted to other contexts.

Intellectual Output 3: GO-DIJIP Online Staff Training Course

The GO-DIJIP Online Staff Training Course is an open, technology-sustained, experiential training course focused on how to best integrate digital environments into Joint Programmes
The course will adopt the Virtual Exchange pedagogy built on principles of facilitated dialogue, interactive and student-centred learning and will hence learn by doing.

Intellectual Output 4: Handbook and Policy Recommendations

The culmination of the project's Intellectual Outputs will result in the creation of an electronic Handbook, as a point of reference for partner institutions interested in enhancing the integration of virtual elements into Joint Programmes and, more generally, into their internationalisation strategy. It is also intended to provide a blueprint for others looking to replicate elements of the Training Programme.