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European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy (Bioceb) is a 2-year joint master programme training future research and innovation managers to tackle the challenges related to the deployment of the bioeconomy across the world. The Bioceb programme is offered by a consortium of five European universities: Institut national des sciences et industries du vivant et de l’environnement (AgroParisTech); Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne; Université de Liège; Aalto University; Tallinn University of Technology 

Author: Anusha Bhat, EMJMD Bioceb student. See contributors page

Hello, I am an Erasmus Mundus scholar, studying chemical and biological engineering for sustainable bioeconomy (Bioceb). I want to share my experience of welcome orientation week which was mostly online and partly offline as well including visits and trips. The orientation week kickstarted with a welcome ceremony where the co-ordinator was hosting a welcome speech along with a bag filled with welcome gifts. We were told about the program, the diversity in the student ratios, the countries we represent and a short introduction of all the staff and committee. This was followed by individual student introductory presentation. We not only made an attractive presentation but also bought souvenirs from our respective countries. This was led by online sessions by industrial partners of the program and introduction to green line project sessions.

Apart from academic presentations, we also had sessions on interculturality since we come from different countries and we all need to blend in well. The cultural differences should not be a barrier amongst us. For this reason, we had several games organised online where we broke the ice amongst us. It was super fun experience to get to know what are the cultural shocks we experienced, what we were not surprised about and expected, etc. This made way for our smooth interactive week. 

Apart from this, we had speed meeting with the cohort 1 students who guided us about the upcoming semester and answered our never ending questions patiently. We also had a small gathering after online session for a coffee with those available on campus.

The week was closed with a trip to vineyards and champagne houses. This concluded a wonderful week which not only introduced the people but also the culture of the place we were supposed to live in. 

Overall, a very fruitful week and wonderful experience. I was very impressed at the end of the week by the welcome I received from this masters.

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